Golden Child shared their most straightforward talk on the January 27 episode of Weekly Idol. The group also exhibited their incomparable charms and shared a good laugh.

Kim Bi Jun Is Ganged Up

The members immediately exhibited their chemistry as they made the viewers gushing as they ganged up on Kim Ji Bum. In a questionnaire before the show, member Choi Bo Min said that Kim Ji Bum still looks ordinary and doesn't seem like a celebrity no matter how much he dolls up.

Choi Bo Min then agreed and said, "Yeah, Ji Bum looks like an ordinary guy in the neighborhood." Simultaneously, Bae Seung Min challenged Kim Ji Bum, saying that he has better common knowledge skills than Ji Bum." After what the members shared, Kim Ji Bum laughed and said, "It's been three minutes since the start of the show, and I've never been ganged up on this much."

Yes, Golden Child's Members Do Fight

During the episode, the members also boasted of their charms as they performed their new song, Burn It.

The viewers were truly entertained as Golden Child continued to talk about the group and opened up about the time they fought with each other. 

Kim Ji Bum admitted that he had fought with Jang Jun recently. He shared that they tend to make tease each other to increase the tension while practicing. "I asked him to talk since I was the target this whole month being made fun of by the members," he expressed. Lee Jang Jun quickly explained that it seemed like he was the one teasing because he was the loudest. "But I understand," he added.

The members made the viewers laugh with their honest and straightforward talk throughout the show. The viewers were also mesmerized while the group showed off their performance abilities.