It seems that BTS Jin is not only the Nation's son-in-law but also the Worldwide's son-in-law. Truly, Jin's beauty captivates all ages.

The Bangtan Boys are collaborating with various parties, one of which is the largest online buying and selling sites in Indonesia, Tokopedia. Recently, BTS held a live broadcast on January 25, 2021, with Tokopedia WIB (Waktu Indonesia Belanja/Indonesia Shopping Time).

Jin Is A Head-Turner

BTS brought interview sessions that entertained fans who missed them from performing several songs during the live broadcast. 

The fans were genuinely delighted to watch BTS, as seen from their enthusiasm, and somehow made the event viral. In particular, the BTS member wearing a yellow shirt and green pants, Jin, also caught the audience's attention. 

With the nickname "Mas Ganteng" (meaning "Handsome Guy" or "Mr. Handsome"), BTS Jin became trending. The Idol got the name when BTS participated in the previous Tokopedia event.

 Different Ages love BTS Jin

Jin's magnificent beauty did not only captivate fans, but he also caught the attention of fans' mothers through the event when their children watched BTS. The finest beauty of Jin also captivated Local mothers (Indonesian mothers).

Fans commented, "My mom also said that Jin is cool and the calmest of the others" "Who is the one in turmeric yellow shirt? He is handsome," and "During the BTS interview, my mom said the one in yellow clothes is handsome. I said he is WWH in my heart."

As Jin got the nickname "Nation's Son-in-law" previously, one fan also shared that his mother asked him that the one who gave the thumbs up (Jin) is handsome. "My mom's taste is excellent."

In the past, Jin has said that he wants to do acting like someone who is loved by mothers. In a Korean netizens poll, "Idol with free pass at in-laws," he also always won.