The golden maknae's "Jungkook effect" is here again to give a daily dose of happiness among fans!

In the U.S. website that tracks the social media statistics and analytics of the official Twitter account of BTS, @BTS_twt has gained over 50K followers following Jungkook's tweet.

The said tweet did not just become the group's highest mark since 2021 started, but it also approximately doubled their daily average count. The "stan attractor" effect of Jungkook is on the move once again, making BTS's Twitter account gain fans and more followers with his charming visuals. 

Jungkook's Tweets Capture The Hearts

Notedly, this gain of a massive number of followers after Jungkook's tweet isn't the first time. Previously, Jungkook's iconic 'Never Not' tweet took Twitter by storm. With his natural talent and charisma, the maknae attracted new fans! 

The selfie of Jungkook breaks the record of being the Fastest Singer in the world to reach 2.6M likes in just 43 hours and 17 minutes. It becomes the fastest Tweet by a Singer, fastest Tweet by an Asian Artist, and the fastest @BTS_twt tweet.

Wikipedia Took Down Records Of Jungkook's Achievements

On Wikipedia's list of Most Retweeted tweets of all time, Jungkook's tweet was recorded. It becomes the first tweet of 2021 to enter the list.

In addition to Jungkook's tweets in which he's involved alongside BTS member(s), he has four individual tweets. This makes him stand out on the list as the person who has the most tweets.

Meanwhile, Jungkook is shown on the main page of Tokopedia as the face of the group. Tokopedia posted back in July last year, Jungkook's silhouette as an Ad Teaser for Indomilk. 

Tokopedia has chosen to use Jungkook's picture as their Homepage Banner as BTS continues to be the brand ambassador of Tokopedia this year. And after releasing an ad teaser of Jungkook's silhouette, Indomilk's Banana Milk was sold out on Tokopedia. Thus re-affirming his sold-out king powers and effect.