Another milestone for BTS V's award-winning OST, Sweet Night, has been recorded! On the popular music streaming site Spotify, the track now reached a staggering 100M streams.

The hit drama Itaewon Class' OST, Sweet Night, has now carved its name in history as it became the fastest Korean OST to reach 100M streams on Spotify, just like all of V's songs.

V As A Spotify Royalty

With this recent achievement of the BTS charmer, V now becomes one of the only 4 Korean soloists in history to have a song over 100M streams on Spotify, excluding collaborations! 

It has been noted that only V and Psy (collaborations excluded) are the only two Korean Male soloists to have songs with over 100M streams on Spotify. But Psy achieves success in the platform only in his 30s, while V has the world and the music industry on his fingers' tips in his early 20s.

On March 13, 2020, the track Sweet Night was released as a low tempo ballad as part of the soundtrack to JTBC's hit drama Itaewon Class. 

The OST topped iTunes in 117 countries, becoming the first and only song to do so.  

What's more impressive with the feat is that it only took a year to achieve all these accomplishments.

The Proud Fans

On various social media platforms, fans flooded with congratulatory messages soon after the ballad reached 100M streams. On Twitter, tags such as #SweetNight100M and 100 MILLION SWEET NIGHTS trended topping the worldwide trends chart and the phrase sticking close. 

Sweet Night only took 318 days to reach 100 million streams, while Goblin's Stay With Me took around three years (1248 days) to get this many streams. 

Moreover, at APAN STAR AWARDS 2020, Kim Taehyung's Sweet Night recently won Best OST by competing against established artists like IU, Baekhyun, and Joy. 

This somehow reproves V's brand power and massive popularity.

Meanwhile, all eyes are now on the young baritone of BTS with an upcoming solo mixtape. Fans are now looking forward to him delivering another blockbuster hit like the sweetest' Sweet Night.