South Korean singer Choi Young-Jae, best known as GOT7's Youngjae, is confirmed to have signed a contract for Sublime Artist Agency,

GOT7's Youngjae inks with his new entertainment agency

The card-carrying member of GOT7, Youngjae, officially signed an exclusive contract with the South Korean-based firm Sublime Artist Agency.

In a statement by Youngjae's new home management, it confirmed:

"We are happy to have the multi-talented artist Youngjae join us. We will provide unsparing support so that he can unleash his talents in various fields, including music."

Sublime Artist Agency further shared its hope to the fans of Youngjae for the continued support and attention, especially now that the K-pop idol already has scheduled activities laid upon.

Aside from its confirmation message, Sublime Artist Agency also took to Twitter to warmly welcome the 24-year-old GOT7 member. Its welcome news comes in handy with the inspiring word "Welcome."

The agency also used the hashtags #영재 #Youngjae #써브라임아티스트에이전#sublimeartistagency #SAA.

GOT7's Youngjae shared his first message as a Sublime Artist Agency talent

With the news of Youngjae officially joining Sublime Artist Agency, the idol stormed his personal Instagram account to confirm the news.

In his post that includes a photo of him, he shared a message for all the Ahgase worldwide. Youngaje thanked all the fans for the support and to Park Jin Young for the years he had with the agency alongside his fellow band members.

Moreover, he wrote that he would forever cherish all the memories he had with JYP Entertainment, and his gratefulness exceeds his words.

He promised to continue expressing his passion for music under Sublime Artist Agency and that he hopes for the fans to watch out for his future endeavors.

Youngjae is the newest addition of Sublime Artist Agency, which already is managing Rain, EXID's Hani, Song Kang Jo, T-ARA's Hyomin, and more.