The card-carrying member of GOT7, Jackson, is being reported to be talking with Sublime Artist Agency. However, it is unclear whether the Hong Kong rapper-singer will be inking a contract with the agency.

If the reports are accurate, Jackson will be the second from the band negotiated by the agency, following Youngjae.

Are Jackson and Youngjae signing a contract with Sublime Artist Agency?

Soompi reported on January 20 (Wednesday) that the two members of GOT7, Jackson, and Youngjae, are in talks to be joining the family of Sublime Artist Agency.

Newsen was the first to report Jackson's possible transfer to the said agency, leading the Sublime Artist Agency to share a statement, saying, "We are discussing an exclusive contract with Jackson."

Aside from Jackson, Youngjae was the first to be reported in negotiating with Sublime Artist Agency. However, as per the agency, they and Youngjae are still in the discussion stage; therefore, nothing is confirmed yet.

Sublime Artist Agency shared another statement regarding Jackson

To clarify the reports circulating about Jackson, Sublime Artist Agency shared another message to all concerned fans. The agency made things clear about the matter by revealing they and Jackson's discussion is about a business agreement, not an exclusive contract.

The business agreement is about the record label founded and managed by Jackson, and it does not include any contract that the singer will sign.

Sublime Artist Agency is an agency company that runs artists through its intensive management production, planning, and marketing.

Celebrities and artists under the umbrella of Sublime Artist Agency are EXID's Hani, Rain, and Song Kang Ho.

Meanwhile, Jackson is yet to address the matter, with fans hoping he would give a timely update on his solo ventures. The news comes after GOT7's official leave from JYP Entertainment, leaving a handwritten letter to fans uploaded on the members' social media accounts.