South Korean band by Starship Entertainment, MONSTA X, and solo artist and former WANNA ONE member, Kang Daniel, are teaming up for a mission that needs to be accomplished.

That said, the band and Kang Daniel are among the artists featured on UNIVERSE's newest mobile fan platform.

MONSTA X and Kang Daniel's secret mission

As revealed last year, MONSTA X and Kang Daniel will be collaborating with UNIVERSE and NCSOFT mobile fan playground. And one of its kicking off exclusive mesmerizing content is an original variety series that stars the two artists.

As reported by Allkpop, Kang Daniel is Agent Blackjack K, who is set to go undercover to catch the aliens that arrived on Earth, disguising as human beings. Without a doubt, the WAVES singer will capture the interest of fans worldwide with his new content.

In their collaboration, Agent Blackjack K (Kang Daniel) hired MONSTA X for another challenging and risky mission that is also considered top and secret. The task is named Area 51: The Code, of which MONSTA X will be traveling back to 1989, as seen on the trailer.

MONSTA X is tasked to stop a bomb explosion in a secret place called Area 51, of which Monbebes are confident their idols will complete in no time.

NCSOFT's UNIVERSE offers a wide array of content

The company's digital content wing, KLAP, stated on January 20 (Wednesday) regarding UNIVERSE's all-new content.

"Starting with Kang Daniel and MONSTA X, we will form a lineup of 11 teams to offer fresh and interesting adventures inside UNIVERSE's unique world," KLAP said.

However, the exact date of Kang Daniel and MONSTA X's variety series is still on the wraps but will indeed be announced in the coming days. Other artists that got a feature on the platform are IZ*ONE, G(I)-DLE, AB6IX, and more.

Check Out Agent Blackjack K and Area 51: The Code's trailers above!