After witnessing almost all the idol group leaders under Big Hit Labels, the netizen community comment gathers on the same stage to share their respective New Year wishes on behalf of their ensemble.

Leaders of BTS, ENHYPEN, GFriend, NU'EST, and more

Fans have been eager to see the leaders of Big Hit Labels' idol group be on the same stage together, and on New Year's Eve, the desire became a reality. That said, Allkpop shared that the segment on 2021 New Year's Eve Live presented by Weverse made almost all group leaders unite.

However, SEVENTEEN's bandleader, S.Coups, was missing in action due to a conflict of schedule. S.Coups not on the picture made their fans grow sad, saying it would have been nice if the 1995-born idol was also on stage together with other leaders.

The leaders who graced the particular segment during the joint concert is RM from the Grammy-nominated band BTS, Sowon from GFriend, Jungwon from rookie boy group ENHYPEN, JR from NU'EST, and Soobin from TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

Alongside the mentioned artists, Lee Hyun and Bumzu joined the lineup, where all of them expressed their New Year wishes and even questioned one another on various topics.

The netizens' reaction

As mentioned above, SEVENTEEN fans are dismayed not seeing their idols at the New Year's Eve concert. One netizen commented via Pann, "It's a shame Seventeen couldn't make it, but this feels strange and good at the same time."

One bandleader who captured the eyes of the viewers and netizens is Soobin from TXT. His towering height had him become a hot topic, with netizens comparing his height to other leaders on stage.

Aside from Soobin, RM's height also got a space in the netizens' eyes. One netizen remarked that RM and Soobin look like they are standing on a lifted platform while the others are not.