This month, numerous awards shows and music festival made their way to reality amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In making the events happen, new measures were taken, and the audience was cut off to ensure all attendees' health and safety (artists, staff, crew, and more).

However, amid the festivities, the intense spike of COVID-19 cases in Seoul alone seems to be forgotten by awards shows.

The highlighted award shows

Three of South Korea's TV networks, SBS, KBS, and MBC, held their annual year-end awards recently. The networks made sure to host the ceremonies in light of the government's COVID-19 protocol to help fight against the threat of the virus.

During the 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards, despite doing an excellent job keeping social distancing on the event, the time when the grand prize was announced is a flop.

All nominees were on stage together without face masks, while the winner gave the acceptance speech without any face coverings.

At the 2020 SBS Entertainment Awards, the event did not observe social distancing at the nominees and celebrities' respective tables. However, all celebrities wore a face mask, but they sat next to each other in the usual way.

On the other hand, the award show's presenters and winners talked through the same microphone without face masks, putting them at risk of getting the virus. The winners and celebrities even spoke through the microphone as a group and without face coverings, per Allkpop.

An expert expresses sentiments towards the effects of the actions

On December 22, according to Naver, an Infectious Internal Medicine Expert commented that the awards shows are putting the safety and health of everyone at the event at risk. With the networks not making some of the attendees wear masks, it may cause an outbreak within the industry.

The concern comes in handy with the event like awards shows are held in a closed space: it may become a hotbed for infection.