Baek Ye Rin sold the highest number of Vinyl LPs for this year, 2020, leading her to overpass the femme fatale BLACKPINK and R&B singer Crush, among many others.

The massive sale increase of Vinyl LPs this year

Despite Vinyl LPs becoming more classic and old school this year, considering almost everyone has access to Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and more streaming platforms, some opt to stay as vintage as possible.

Vinyl LPs bring back memories from the past when the world was more straightforward and concise. And it is no time for the item to be hidden in the attic, as the vibe from Vinyl LPs is becoming even more famous today. The thing is currently popular and in-demand with the 20s and 30s age group, leading Baek Ye Rin to come in!

Allkpop shared that on December 16, Yes24 compiled all sales from LP-related for the last three years of data, revealing a considerable difference from what it was previously.

This year's LP sales see an increase of 73.1% compared to 2019, based on the data that records all sales from January 1 to December 2. When the data focuses on the K-pop genre, LP sales skyrocketed to 262.4% compared to the figures last year.

The other genres, like Pop, increased by 53.1%, while classical music LPs rises to 8.8%. When one said it is not time for Vinyl LPs to go, one says the fact!

Baek Ye Rin rules this year

Furthermore, eight from the Top 10 of the most sold Vinyl LPs this year 2020 is from the K-pop genre, proving the genre's massive popularity on a global scale.

That said, according to the report by Wikitree, South Korean singer Baek Ye Rin's finishes at the first rank with her Every letter I Sent You. The singer coming at No. 1 is hailed as the highest-selling artist of Vinyl LPs for 2020.

The 2,000 Vinyl LPs released through pre-orders in May were all sold out, showcasing the demand the limited edition item got from Baek Ye Rin's fans. The regular edition of the LP also earned a pre-order sale of 13,000 copies.

Moreover, Baek Ye Rin's power is unmatched by other K-pop idols and groups who vie for the No. 1 spot. It includes BLACKPINK's THE ALBUM, Crush's With HERE, and Lim Hyun Sik's Rendezvous. Crush and Lim Hyun Sik both finish at No. 2.

Lee So Ra's Vinyl LP album entitled Eyebrows also is among the topnotchers. The said album was instantly sold out when released, which happens to possess the song The Wind Bows, a song from the original CD version of the album in 2004.