Warning from various critics and concerned netizens surfaced online on the new copyright bill from Congress, including a law banning in-live performances filming. The new tab issues have been agitating fandoms worldwide, as they are concerned about the content its fansites produce.

Kim Hong Gul is the one responsible

Allkpop reported that Democratic Party representative Kim Hong Gul proposed an amendment to the current copyright laws. The proposal comes in handy on December 11, stating that live performances need to acquire copyright protection with penalties if the bill successfully passes.

The penalties include a year of being in jail or a payment of 10 million KRW (around $9,000) for the damages it inflicted.

The existing copyright bill prohibits unauthorized filming of video at cinemas, excluding concerts, musicals, and other live performances from entertainment companies. However, some restrict filming on the mentioned events, but there are no penalties by law given when caught.

In a statement by Representative Kim Hong Gul, he said, "We need to rectify the system related to performance copyright while correcting the situation that infringes on performances and the perception of taking performances lightly."

The response of K-pop fandoms

The hot topic has been on the wind for quite a while now. The agencies of artists are on the side of the fandoms as they are hesitant to give sanctions as they are the people who support their artists. However, there are instances that fansites go beyond the threshold by crossing over copyright advantages.

The fansites are providing elicit publicity to the artists, of which a win-win situation happens. Therefore, sanctioning the fansites of copyright infringement sounds bizarre.

An insider from an entertainment agency shares that amid the positive effects of fansites, copyright infringement's long-term effects through unauthorized recordings sees a need to be addressed.

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