The 28-year-old leader of Starship Entertainment's "epitome of sexiness" all boy group MONSTA X, Shownu, showcased his versatility in the new prints brought by Beauty+ magazine.

With that said, as per Hellokpop, the multitalented K-pop idol graced a photoshoot with the fashion magazine, where he flaunted his ever-dashing looks in all of the shots.

Shownu charms the cover of Beauty+ magazine

The pictorial of the Love Killa singer is for the cover of the upcoming issue of Beauty+ magazine. The idol made sure to bring his most-precious items, including caps, camera, and books, as his props.

And undeniably, Shownu posed with grace and elegance and at the same time showing off his intense physique despite the clothes that cover it. Moreover, the singer-dance carries the heartthrob tagged on his name by handsomely posing straight to the camera.

Shownu wore various outfits, with the most prominent one when he lies down and puts an apple on his forehead while gazing at the camera's lens. The relaxed vibe brought by Shownu added by the jackets, black shirts, and his sleek black hair, only concluding the effortless beauty of the idol.

Shownu talks about Love Killa

In the interview Shownu participated after the pictorial, he said, "Since Love Killa has a clear style, we gained confidence talking amongst ourselves and practicing," as Soompi quoted.

He further said that being with his fellow band members in doing the song's dance routine is better than doing it solo. The promotions MONSTA X made happen for its recent album is priceless to him, as he admires each of his fellow group members.

For the time being, Shownu wants to focus on what is in the present, rather than waste his time thinking about what is next as he wants to go on with his life in his accordance.

Shownu's full interview and photoshoot will be made available by Beauty+ magazine on its December issue, hailing the MONSTA X leader as the cover star.