One of South Korea’s most-sought leading men, a prominent actor of his generation, Lee Joon Gi, starred in a feature in Allure Korea. The actor-singer exudes his youthful glow with the mesmerizing shot taken by the magazine.

Lee Joon Gi’s dark and cryptic photoshoot with Allure Korea

The 38-year-old Criminal Minds star Lee Joon Gi could not help but show off the concept of age on his new pictorial with Allure Korea. As published by the fashion outlet on its official website, the actor hailed a “Night Is Tender” photoshoot concept, where he took the shot on a different level.

In the prints shared by the magazine, Lee Joon Gi proves that age is just a number, and having to showcase a wide array of poses depends on the versatility of the model.

With that said, the images of Lee Joon Gi carry a dark theme, designing the photos in a monochromatic setup. The most head-turner pose of the actor sees him wearing a suit, alongside holding a flower highly. The sophistication is full, with his hair adding spice and mystery to the concept.

Another photo sees Lee Joon Gi showcasing his flawless face in a close-up shot. His sleek black hair best matches his tantalizing eyes that gaze straight to the eyes of the camera.

Lee Joon Gi shares his sentiments towards Flower of Evil

The interview that follows the photoshoot session of Lee Joon Gi with Allure Korea had him talk about his recent drama series titled Flower of Evil.

“I stayed focused until the end, and the drama was one that kept making viewers curious. It’s always my goal to make meaningful and great works that are able to convince viewers,” the actor said, as quoted by Soompi.

He further exclaimed that the teamwork between all the individuals who composes the production throughout the show made him very comfortable. The matter allows him to focus on his performance and do more work to become better.