Cosmic Girls' Yeoreuma and (G) I-DLE's Yuqi flaunted their strong bond in a feature with 1st Look magazine, alongside a countryside-themed photoshoot.

Real friends reflect in prints

As per Soompi, Yeoreum and Yuqi showed off their chemistry when they are together in the pictorial facilitated by fashion magazine 1st Look. Aside from being a member of different girl groups, the two idols cleared their schedules for that day for a duet-feature for the magazine.

Each lovely lady's charms and natural beauty were best showcased in the pictorial, alongside their sweet demeanors. The photoshoot took place in a late fall-afternoon, with trees and nature as the background.

Yeoreum and Yuqi gave the camera pose that proves their friendship, including their signature side-by-side poses. On top of the mesmerizing shots, the stares from each idol's tantalizing eyes best capture the readers and viewers of the magazines, as if they are telling a deep story.

The idols' get-up also added sophistication to the prints, starting from the classic dresses to modernized classic fall dresses to coats that best match their makeup and hairstyles during the photoshoot.

The two idols sat with 1st Look for an interview

Shortly after the interview, the two female idols shared insights into their friendship with the fashion outlet. Yeoreum started the exclusive tell-out by saying Yuqi is a friend everyone must-have.

"Yuqi sincerely listened to what I had to say, empathized with me like it was all her own story, and gave me her honest advice, which really touched my heart," she added, quoted by Allkpop.

On the other hand, Yuqi shares the same feeling towards her friend, saying Yeoreum is the first to lend help whenever she needs one. She added that Yeoreum is precious to her, who always comes first in encouraging her despite the irregularity of life.

The full feature of Yeoreum and Yuqi will be available on 1st Look magazine's Issue 208. Video content will also be up for streaming on the magazine's Youtube channel on December 1.