Lee Chae-rin, who hails the stage name CL, made sure to have the camera focus on her as she poses her natural beauty while channeling good vibes to the viewers.

CL pairs up with VOGUE Singapore

The South Korean super K-pop star CL partners with VOGUE's Singaporean outlet for a pictorial like no other. Her modish and stylish choices make her worthy for a feature amid the postponement of her newest album, ALPHA.

Recently, VOGUE Singapore unveiled the mesmerizing prints of CL as she poses with plants in some. That said, the images of CL were released by the fashion magazine on its official social media accounts, with a caption that starts with, "Queen of K-pop @ChaelinCL."

As Hellokpop describes the HWA singer, "baddest female," CL wore eccentric yet elegant outfits that makes her look more sophisticated. His black eyeliner never dismays to be in the photoshoot, as she gave out tantalizing looks straight to the camera.

One prominent shot of CL is her wearing an enormous blue-colored outfit that covers part of her face. She poses beside a green plant that added aesthetics to the photo. Another photo sees CL standing on a wooden platform in front of small plants places in various holds.

The singer donned a sultry gown, with the lower part of it styled in rainbow colors, while the upper part is see-through apparel that reflects CL's black undergarment.

CL shares unfading body positivity

"We inspire girls every day when I perform; we are encouraging our younger selves," CL said when talking about her tremendous influence on the young girls of today, quoted by Allkpop.

The singer also added that beauty is always existent in all aspects of life, including being comfortable with one's skin. She further exclaimed that having to possess different body shapes makes the person beautiful and natural.

Meanwhile, watch the preview of CL's feature on VOGUE Singapore below!