Netflix has finally released the trailer of the most expensive K-drama that the streaming site has ever made, and it will indeed move you to the edge of your seat!

The drama inspired by the extremely popular Naver webtoon of the same name is teasing fans who love suspense and horror movies.

The webtoon Sweet Home is a monstrous thriller. And on November 19, its first trailer and still-cuts have been released by Netflix.

The said webtoon is about a reclusive high school student named Cha Hyeon-Su (played by Song Kang) forced to leave his home after a family tragedy.

He now must fight against a plethora of monsters created through various forms of human desires trying to wipe out humanity, together with a group of reluctant heroes. As per Koreaboo, the K-drama seems as though it will deliver just that.

Director Lee Eung-Bok helmed the Netflix series. Previously, he directed Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, and School 2013.

The Most Expensive K-Drama On Netflix

Sweet Home is said to be the most expensive K-drama that Netflix has ever made. Per episode, the drama is budgeted with 2.4 million dollars.

This eye-popping amount will probably go to the making of the monsters, as they are the most crucial aspect and will need intense computer graphics to pull off.

In just one minute and eight seconds, the series's impressive cinematics has been delivered in the trailer.

A creepy apartment building is where the trailer begins. The scenes make it feel as if we are running through a haunted house.

Appearing on the screen is the phrase "Fear what's coming," and we land on Hyun Cha, the protagonist, cowering in a room. With a spear, the lead character stabs the camera, and until a demonic version of him smiles at the viewer, the screen goes black.

Stars Song Kang, Lee Jin-Uk, Lee Si-Young, Lee Do-Hyun, and Seo Yi-Gyeong will play live-action adaptations. They will also play the original character for the Netflix version.

December 18 will be the premiere date of the series! Don't miss it!