Actor Choi Sung Won, who has built his name through his prolific performance as Sung Noeul in Reply 1988, has been rushed to the hospital after a leukemia recurrence.

The Reply 1988 actor is currently hospitalized as his leukemia has recurred. It was in May 2016 when Choi Sung Won was diagnosed with acute leukemia. 

He then dropped his JTBC drama series at the time Mirror of the Witch due to being diagnosis after suffering light bruising during the filming of the drama series. Fortunately, the actor's leukemia was caught in the early stages, and through treatment, there is a high chance of curing his illness.

In July 2017, the actor was announced to be fully cancer-free.

The Recurrence Of The Horror

The news regarding Choi Sung Won's hospitalization surfaced when his fellow actor Joo Min Jin posted on social media. In his post, he is looking for a matching donor for a transfusion.

He wrote, “I sincerely apologize for posting this concern in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. My friend urgently needs a transfusion.” With the post circulated on social media, several citizens shared their prayers for Choi’s recovery.

Another post of Joo Min Jin shared asking if there is any person who can help with AB+ blood type. The actor also asked those willing to donate that it would be highly appreciated if they would send him a DM first, rather than donating right away.

This is because, at the time, they don't need so much. "At this time, it would be much appreciated if everyone continues to help us. I am sorry for posting this. I will repay everyone for their support and help someday."

About Choi Sung Won

It was in 2007 when Actor Choi Sung Won made his debut as a musical actor. He then transitioned into acting in 2010 with memorable roles in Qualifications of Men and Reply 1988. After his, he has been continuing to star in dramas like Big Issue and Psychopath Diary.