There have been many things going on with the project boy group Wanna One over the past few days. This is from the boys' reunion discussion to the hot boiling controversy of the Produce 101 series's voting manipulation involving the group. This time, Mnet has finally divulged the fate of the group in the 2020 MAMA.

The Ceased Reunion

Mnet's audition program season 2 of Produce 101 series has given immense popularity to Wanna One. The group kicked-off in 2018 after the trainees who succeed in the competition promoted as a group until January 2019.

After the group's disbandment, each member has been promoting under their respective labels. But despite the separation, fans are still hopeful that the boy group members would have a reunion in the future. However, with Mnet's current statement, it seems like the reunion won't be happening anytime soon.

Just recently, the Produce series has been making waves on the internet with the current controversy it is facing after admitting the vote manipulation. Moreover, it has also been further revealed that the project boy group Wanna One was one of the groups victimized by voter fraud.

Many netizens speculated that the group's reunion might have been canceled with the issues going on due to the immense criticism they've been facing.

The Dismayed Fans

While others are excited about the group's reunion in the 2020 MAMA, other fans have also disagreed with the idea. They thought that the reunion is too early for the members of Wanna One to perform together.

Finally, on November 20, Mnet announced that the project group would not be performing at the 2020 Mnet Asia Music Awards. The netizens have once again discussed in the online community their opinions regarding the matter.

The Netizens express their dismay towards the Mnet company as they want its officials to leave the boy group alone.

Some netizens commented, "Mnet needs to leave the Wanna One boys alone," "These people were abusing their power over the group. It's so obvious," and "I'm tired of hearing about Mnet asking Wanna One to perform together."