Girl's Day's quartet looks adorable as they pose in one photo to support Minah's new project!

In a previous report by Soompi, Girl's Day's Minah joined Highlight's Yang Yoseob and SF9's Inseong as the cast of the 2020 version of The days.

Minah's new stint is her first time in a musical role in which her supportive bandmates found it worth celebrating. The idol will be taking the character known as "the woman."

On the other hand, the actors alongside her, Yoo Joon Sang, Lee Gun Myung, Jung Sung Hwa, and Min Woo Hyuk have been cast as "Jung Hak," while taking the role of "Moo Young" are On Joo Wan, Jo Hyung Gyun, Yang Yoseob, and Inseong.

Picture Perfect Smiles

On her Instagram post, Minah revealed on November 20 that her bandmates had visited to cheer her on her new musical The Days.

Several charming poses were seen on the idol's Instagram post together with the other Girl's Day members backstage. In the caption, Minah wrote, "Girl's Day is my strength, and Girl's Day in my life, Lala lala la lala lala la."

The gratitude of Minah shortly received warm affections from the fans and the members. Sojin told Minah in the comment to keep going strong through the very last show. At the same time, adorable strings of hearts emojis were left by Yura and Hyeri.

Here are the lovely photos of the quartet posted by Minah!

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The Musical 'The Days'

The Days is based around the songs of the beloved late singer Kim Kwang Seok and is an original Korean musical. The story is set in the Blue House's security office, the South Korean president's residence. Much to the revelation of the musical, The Day's story has taken place over 20 years.