In just a few bit before the release of the comeback album of the majestic BTS, fans are already roaring for more projects of the group. This time the ARMY wants BTS V and Alicia Keys to make a collaboration.

The Unshaken Popularity Of Taehyung

Just recently, the social butterfly V took to Twitter to share his excitement and to keep a reminder to fans about their comeback. In his tweet, he shared a video of him jamming to Alicia Keys' Love Looks Better.

With heart-stopping visuals of Taehyung and the hype of the upcoming album, Twitter was shaken. In just 14 minutes, the video posted by the idol immediately achieved 1 million views.

Furthermore, to give a quick recap of BTS's V's popularity throughout the world, the idol's recent solo cover of the WSJ Magazine became the first among the BTS members to sell 10,000 copies.

In the Kpop community, the BTS member is nicknamed Midas Touch V and Sold Out Fairy as everything he sells becomes a best seller, and everything he promotes becomes a hit. 

The Match-Maker Fans

The eagle-eyed fans who noticed Alicia's track enjoyed by V immediately notified the award-winning singer. And with the efforts of the international ARMYs, the female western singer wholeheartedly reciprocated.

With the vast number of BTS's followers, Alicia Keys' Love Looks Better trended on melon, twipple, and worldwide. And for more than 5 hours, Blue & Grey remained to trend.

In V's jamming sessions on their songs on Twitter, the idol already has collected some celebrity friends like Conan Gray, Nive, and more. Alicia Keys is now added to the ever-growing list of celebrities whom fans want to see collaborating with V.

The 'BE' Fever

Another reason why fans are so hooked with the septet's upcoming album is that it is the first album that is wholly credited to BTS. They took a significant part in the production, composition, and concept.

Meanwhile, the whole album's Visual director is V, who is also responsible for Blue and Grey along with Suga, RM, and J-Hope.