The South Korean singer-actor, fresh from EXO, Kai, is gearing up to debut as a solo artist as the idol kicks off the event's official countdown.

Kai trends on Twitter

Following South Korea's time zone on November 18 (Wednesday), EXO Kai interacted with his beloved fans via Instagram Live shortly after dropping teasers for its upcoming album. Kai revealed that he has a hard time sleeping on the live stream session as he feels nervous about his debut as a solo artist.

"We're strong, we're really strong. Thank you for staying by my side until now," Kail said, expressing his gratefulness to his supportive fans.

Shortly after Kai concluded the live broadcast, fans stormed over Twitter to share their experience with the idol during the session, per Allkpop. Many shouted their sole appreciation to the EXO member, making Kai trend on the platform.

When Kai said, "we're really strong," fans did not dismay their idol as they have proved it's accurate. With that said, Twitter is gushing over the teaser unveiled by Kai as he sets the stage for his solo debut.

Kai commences countdown for album of the same name

In a Hellokpop report, Kai's home management and recording label, SM Entertainment, released the time table of the singer's debut on November 18 (Wednesday) at midnight KST. The reveal comes in a black-and-white poster, showing off the idol in silhouette.

The scheduler reveals that Kai is up for a massive teaser releases with concept photos, music video peeks, and a special trailer film. Moreover, Kai's self-titled album bottled sic tracks that tag along with various genres.

Alongside the scheduler, the EXO member paved the way for a short video clip that speaks about his album's concept. It sees Kai calmly letting the water swallow him with its shallows, giving off a mysterious effect for his upcoming album.

Meanwhile, Kai's self-titled album will be arriving on November 30 at precisely 6 P.M. KST.