The sophomore-debuted nit of BTOB, BTOB 4U, enchants in new music release for the album entitled INSIDE, according to Allkpop.

BTOB 4U releases INSIDE

Melody from across the globe was mesmerized like never before when BTOB 4U dropped its debut album in the form of an extended play entitled INSIDE. That said, fans could not help but gush over the charming voices of the K-pop quartet of BTOB 4U while singing the album's fascinating and hopeful songs.

As per Hellokpop, the quartet hailing from BTOB goes out for a genre adventure in the album. BTOB 4U tags along with genres like R&B, Mumbai dance, modern rock ballad, and punk rock.

INSIDE bottles up five tracks, kicking off with its title track called Show Your Love. The healing message brought by the song hails Im Hyunsik as its genius composer. It sings of the message of letting love while difficult times are trying to get in the way.

The second song is titled Tension. The R&B genre of the music makes it sultry as Changsub commences the sophisticated melody. It tags along with a melancholy piano accompaniment, alongside the guitar sounds in the background.

Moving on is Bull's Eye. The rap skills of Peniel and Minhyuk are being highlighted, alongside the harmonization of the remaining members.

The fourth song is Mirage tells the fact of illusion brought by happiness when one is in love. The sad lyrics back the melody and rhythm of the music, making it a ballad.

The last song is Alone. It is written by Minhyuk, making it very prominent as an acoustic guitar accompanies it.

BTOB 4U unveils music video for Show Your Love

Alongside its album's debut as a unit, BTOB 4U gifts its beloved fans a music video for its title track. Moreover, the music video showcases each member's acting talents as they play roles throughout the video.

Each member portrays a character that makes the music video look like a cinematic entry. Furthermore, BTOB 4U ends the music video with a mysterious segment in an old warehouse.