Former AOA member Jimin was in the news headlines after it became public that she threatened and tormented Mina throughout her time with AOA as their leader.

Most fans and people on social media brought videos from past years to reveal the numerous times that Jimin was disrespectful to Mina.

One specific footage from the past has gained popularity where singer Jessi lashes out toward Jimin when both of them are Unpretty Rapstar participants. When Jimin and Kisum finished second in an episode, Jessi didn't believe it and was in complete frustration, Jazminemedia reported.

MC: "Jimin and Kisum. Congratulations again!"

Jessi: "Why did they get second place? I'm really speechless. You guys, this is weird. How are you guys picking this? Today, in Tymee unnie's stage, all judges praised her. But it turns out they eliminate her, and I think this doesn't make sense."

When the MC asked which team she thinks should be eliminated, Jessi then pointed out Jimin's group. "It's this team."

Jessi thought that Jimin's unit was just absurd and that its output was weak. Also, Jessi believed that Tymee performed far better than Jimin and Kisum and should have been placed higher than Jimin's squad.

Several people on social media have spoken out and expressed that Jimin's attitude might have been a possible indication, aside from poor performance, that Jessi was on her.

The following are the fans' reaction to the footage:

"Jessi knew how AOA Jimin was behind the scenes, which resulted in her not liking her disgusting a**. Jimin is canceled let it be known"- @ohlookitslexo

"Jessi ate her UP! She said, "how the f*** did you win with that sack a** performance when people who actually give a fuck and are actually good got eliminated? She probably saw how much of a snake AOA Jimin was" - @trivia_moonligh

Watch the full episode below!