Former AOA member Mina exposes her life of being bullied while still working with the group and revealed that she tried to endure it for ten years.

Mina's fans began to express their concerns for the idol after she posted her frustrations through SNS about a skincare product scam. Approximately a day after venting her disappointment, Mina posted another lengthy message regarding her experience of being bullied during her days with AOA, adding worry to her fans.

According to Allkpop, the lengthy post was Mina's response to a malicious direct message she received on Instagram from an anonymous individual telling her, "Get lost, B****."

"I want to get lost, too," she replied. Mina stated that even if she wanted to end her life, she couldn't since she's always thinking about her mom's welfare. "You're right, I am 'no brains,' and I've never correctly learned anything. I had to earn money from a young age because of my family's situation," the former idol expressed.

Mina revealed in her post that after her father's death, while she was crying in the waiting room, there was this 'unnie' (older female) who grabbed her and told Mina to stop crying because she is ruining the mood. Mina could only reply, "I'm scared."

Mina's father battled against cancer that started around August 2014. FNC Entertainment revealed that Mina's father, Mr. Kwon, died on November 29, 2014, at around eight in the morning.

According to Soompi, the singer-actress spent most of her free time with her father in the hospital when she was not filming for her ongoing SBS drama "Modern Farmer" at that time.

Meanwhile, Mina finally revealed that being an idol never stressed her out, and truthfully, she never wanted to leave AOA. However, because of the group member who hated her, she eventually gave up after enduring the bullying for ten years.