AOA's Jimin just posted on her Instagram story "Fiction," in response to Mina's bullying accusations, then deleted it quickly!

On July 3, netizens were buzzing after Mina revealed to have been bullied by AOA leader Jimin. Mina's post garnered sympathy and support from netizens who are against bullying.

After the issue stormed social media, Jimin posted a cryptic message on her SNS but deleted it after. However, watchful netizens were able to secure a screenshot of the post that said "Novel/Fiction," seemingly a response to Mina's allegations.

Jimin's account was full of questions from disappointed fans asking whether the allegations are true. Social media are now flooded with different reactions from fans, mostly show concern to Mina and ask Jimin to apologize.

Mina, on the other hand, left two more posts after Jimin's deleted the Instagram story, according to Zapzee.

"I only talked about one out of 1000000000000 things. Say it's a fiction. You will burn to hell. Don't do this. There are witnesses and evidence, I'm sorry, but there's nothing to hear from both sides. I've done nothing wrong," her first post said.

Mina also revealed in the said post that there was one instance when she got hair implants and ended up being late to the dance practice room because the anesthesia was not wearing off. She called in advance, but as soon as Mina heard her voice, she knew that Jimin is about to make a big fuss so she couldn't go to the practice room. That day, she tried to commit suicide again.

Mina's second post includes a photo of her scarred wrist, calling out Jimin for the first time.

"Fiction? It's too scary to be a fiction. Now I've made 3 to 4 scar treatments to make it lighter. But I can't erase her from my memories. Every day, I'm going crazy."

She continued, "Jimin unnie. Law? Suit?" I can't do that cause I got no money. Compensation? I don't think about it."

Mina added she felt wronged that Jimin ruined her life. She also expressed that she wants Jimin to admit her wrongdoings and a sincere apology, and that would be enough.