K-pop industry’s Avengers are back at saving fans’ playlist!

SuperM has made known their first comeback album entitled Super One, and as Hellokpop’s description, the word “marvelous” is only an understatement. The riveting attitude and energy of the all-star group added sophistication to the various talents of each member.

Super One bottles up 15 tracks; all are diverse when talking about the sound and theme. Despite the variety and dynamics of the said tracks, it shares the same message of hope to this time of crisis the world is facing.

Super One by SuperM

The first track from the album is One (Monster & Infinity), then followed by Infinity, Monster, Wish You Were Here, Big Chance, 100, Tiger Inside, Better Days, Together At Home, Drip, Line ‘Em Up, Dangerous Woman, Step Up, So Long, and concludes with With You.

All tracks mentioned above flaunts SuperM’s intense talents, especially in singing. Two of the tracks were pre-released by the K-pop group, namely One (Monster & Infinity), 100, and Tiger Inside.

“I’m done I’m out, it’s for your sake No drama no tears / Even if my heart aches / I’ll greet you with a cold expression / Saying the words that “it was overdue / So long The pair of eyes that turned red and the gaunt appearance,” part of the lyrics in one of the tracks sing.

One (Monster & Infinity) Music Video

The music video of the album’s lead single is full of graphics and visuals. Furthermore, the music video expresses the same theme of the tracks: the mixture of duality in a total concept.

Each member showed off their powerful auras and attitude by acting in a very professional manner in the segment, proving their versatility as the Avengers of K-pop.

Undoubtedly, with the release of SuperM’s newest album, the group has proved that they are real superheroes!