On August 27 (Thursday), the South Korean "avengers," SuperM, hosted an Instagram Live to interact and answer their beloved fans' questions. While many fans were happy and delighted in getting the chance to communicate with the band, many were also stunned and puzzled when they noticed how tired all the boys look like.

As a result, fans led to trend #SuperMDisbandParty on Twitter to call out the band's home management and recording label's, SM Entertainment, attention for their artists' well-being.

For the time being, SuperM is promoting their newest album entitled 'Super One' and is set to kick off the promotions for their sophomore lead single called 'Tiger Inside.'

The band disclosed that they decided to host a live stream on the live broadcast because they gathered for rehearsal. As the live stream went on, fans couldn't help but notice that all boys seemed to be worn out and fatigued. Their concern was more enraged when they heard one member said, "Why am I so sleepy today?"

As per Kpopstarz, member Baekhyun is always energetic and fun-filled when it comes to talking to their fans, but on the said live stream, he is a bit off and lacks energy.

When the live broadcast concluded, fans stormed over Twitter to share and express their displacement towards the band's agency, SM Entertainment. The fans solely believed that the agency is tiring their artists out in overworking, considering they have hectic schedules that concern stunts with the band and solo ventures.

The hashtag #SuperMDisbandParty trended on Twitter, attempting to catch the attention of SM Entertainment and other concerned fans of the band across the globe.

O fan commented, "Please, SM, treat your artists like humans. Don't just think about making money,"

While another Twitter user wrote, "They are so tired. SM, stop forcing them."