The 22-year-old South Korea K-pop idol and member of the all-boy group Stray Kids, Bangchan, opened up on how his friendship with one of the BLACKPINK queens, Lisa, and how they got very close to each other.

In a recent happening, Bangchan sits for his live stream series titled 'CHAN's Room' on V LIVE, where he interacted with his fans through answering some questions and telling various stories.

On the live stream, the Stray Kids member shared his reaction to several songs recommended by his loving fans, and on the sings was BLACKPINK's collaboration track with American pop superstar Selene Gomez, called 'Ice Cream.'

"This is a really good song. I was a big fan of 'How You Like That', but I was actually quite surprised when they released this song," Bangchan said when asked about his thoughts about the newly released track.

He added that upon hearing the song for the first time, he immediately concluded that 'Ice Cream's' theme best fits its song style, which is summer. He went on by saying the summery vibe of the track added up to BLACKPINK's cool and chilly auras.

Furthermore, Bangchan stunned his fans when he shared his treasured friendship with the femme fatale's 23-year-old rapper and Thai-national Lisa.

He revealed that he knew Lisa back when he was still a trainee because he is friends with GOT7's Bambam. In that way, he also got a way to be friends with Lisa.

Bangchan and Lisa and Bambam are one of today's most-sought K-pop idols, who happens to be on the same birth year of 1997.

Recently, Bangchan's live stream series has come to its 70th episode, where his fans greeted him with sweet and congratulatory messages.

The idol and Youtuber were amazed at how time flies fast, leading him to create more inspiring content that would surely be loved by his fans and viewers.