The 23-year-old former Stray Kids' member, Woojin, has been recently accused of sexual harassment. Since the issue started, Woojin has shared his sentiments via social media, claiming he is now under the care of a new agency.

Furthermore, backing up Woojin's statement, 10X Entertainment released a statement to their newly made social media accounts, saying they will be moving forward in taking legal action to those who spread fact-less rumors. Despite the empowering words of 10X Entertainment, a handful of K-pop fans questions the legitimacy of the agency.

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After taking a step in researching Woojin's new agency label, fans couldn't seem to find any legit information about 10X Entertainment. Fans only found a DH from Chicago, Illinois, with the same name.

Having that said, 10X Entertainment made its way to various headlines, with the rumor that it is fake. Furthermore, the Chicago-based DJ took to Facebook to clear out his name of any allegations and issues.

Moreover, fans have found the logo of the agency belonging to a furniture store, Hanford Design, which is based in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, and Argentina.

As per Kpopstarz, a TikTok user in the name of @guccithighs compiled proof that the agency is not legitimate. "I have more followers on one of my accounts than his entertainment company," she said, pointing out to the newly opened social media accounts of the agency.

The TikTok user, known as Keisha, further demanded the fans to do not to rest in keeping the issue alive, as the fake agency will not be able to fulfill its statement in taking legal action.

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The agitating issue led Woojin to speak out and quash the rumor. In a statement, the K-pop idol claimed the allegations are all false. The matter was then followed by the artist promoting his new music as a solo artist.