Stray Kids are finally back with another hit!

The K-pop all-boy group Stray Kids dropped the video entitled 'Stray Kids UNVEIL: TRACK Any' on the band's social media channels on August 31 at midnight. The full video lasts for 1 minute and 20 seconds that shows off the group's signature content, as per Kpopstarz.

Furthermore, the video clip pre-releases some of the records in their newest album.

The track mentioned above was released the same day and is a song that sings about an agitating situation where one is demanded to uphold at a moment of choice. All eight lads of the band bluntly sing of the words that depict the sad reality where simple questions find people very difficult to answer "yes" or "no."

"I'm doing what I wanted, but I can't do what I want. I have a lot of thoughts, but I can't do what I think," part of the lyrics sings, expressing the singers' frustrations.

The South Korean octet nailed their attitude as they gaze to the camera with stubborn facial expressions, depicting the unwillingness to do anything. Moreover, the music video heightens the enjoyable aura of the clip with its fast-paced production.

Specifically, Stray Kids highlights their eccentric choice of fashion by wearing a belt on one shoulder while donning various earrings and beanie of multiple colors. The band's beloved fans were delighted on their idols' new release, leading them to fill the music video's comments section with their congratulatory and appreciation messages.

One fan wrote that they were instantly hyped for their idols' comeback upon seeing the video. The fan added that Stray Kids would indeed dominate the global music stage with their new album.

The newly released music video comes after the band's Youtube feat with 'God's Menu,' surpassing the 100-million mark.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids' repackaged album entitled 'IN Saeng' will be made available on September 14.