The South Korean all-boy ensemble Stray Kids graced the recently concluded Singles magazine photoshoot and interview.

In the Korean fashion magazine's latest issue, Singles bottles up stunning and mesmerizing photos of Stray Kids as a group.

The K-pop octet captured their fans' full attention and hearts with their bright visuals that depict immense beauty. Furthermore, all eight lads wore stylish and modish outfits that add up to the impressive final photos released by Singles. Alongside leaving their fans speechless with their sophisticating group shot, Stary Kids split the band into three units to further show off impressive style and attitude.

In a report by Hellokpop, the exclusive interview held by Singles had the dashing lads open up about the journey story that led them to become a part of the band.

Members Han and Bang Chan first talked about their contributions to curating the group's music. As per the duo, they love songs categorizes as R&B and hip-hop, but they also like composing songs that are calm and quiet. Moreover, the idols added that they try to share and express music with a wide array of things.

Another member of the band, Changbin, shared his passion and dedication by saying that his main goal is to make his dream happen. "Right now, that's all I think about," he said.

Lastly, Stray Kids blurted out their goals as K-pop idols and artists. As per the band, they solely want to continue giving off a music genre that best defines them as a group, and that comes for their craft. They want to be known and acknowledged by their listeners worldwide about the music they created.

With the group's statement, fans were enthralled and touched by what they've read concerning their beloved idols. The fandom quickly took over social media platforms to express their full support to the group.

STAYs can see more of the stunning photos and check out the full interview by grabbing a copy of Singles Magazine's 2020 September issue.

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