CL is finally back!

On September 2 (Wednesday), the hashtag #CL_IS_BACK made it to Twitter's trending lists, following CL's sneak peek for her forthcoming projects and stunts.

The K-pop senior idol had poked her fans' anticipation when she uploaded a 10-second video on her official Youtube channel and Instagram accounts. As per Kpopstarz, CL graced the short video clip donning a mesmerizing outfit that only she can nail off while a white background floats behind. It would be the same CL, but she will be more enticing, keeping her signature attitude, especially in freestyle dancing.

"I go by the name of, you already know," are the words written on the video. Moreover, the snippet has raised her and 2NE1's fans worldwide regarding what the idol is trying to showcase.

Specifically, the puzzling phrase mentioned is a renowned catchphrase the idol chanted before the 'Fire' track of 2NE1 starts, like, "I go by the name of CL of 2NE1."

After the video clip, CL recreated her profile pictures on her various social media account, making known her new look. The influential rapper donned sumptuous costumes that best resembles a queen, highlighting her silver hair and fascinating makeup. Furthermore, CL exudes one of its kind looks as she charms everyone with her presence in the K-pop scene.

Recently, CL shared various social media works, making the fans' curiosity go up to its highest level. Among the results is CL sharing photos and videos.

The report also finds that CL stormed over her Instagram account in giving out a message to her fans, hinting her upcoming schedule and stunts.

"It was frustrating waiting, wasn't it? I want to come to you with music and performance rather than words, I'm running forward with my eyes wide open toward my goal!" part of the letter says.

Watch CL's intro video below!