The spectacular K-pop all-girl band CLC straightforwardly excited fans in their recent music video teasers for their forthcoming single titled 'Helicopter.'

The South Korean ladies left their beloved fans mesmerized and speechless as they showed off a sultry and fierce theme for their much-anticipated comeback.

As per Hellokpop, the video teasers were made known by the band on August 26, allowing them to take a vast peek of its content. The teasers captured the singers' and rappers' fascinating attitudes and unique enchanting looks.

Furthermore, the music video teaser kicks off in a cryptic setup that tags along in heart-thumping instrumental. Undoubtedly, the 18-second video clip enthralls the fans with each member's intense charms and aura.

The video clip continued as each lady acted upon their beaming beauty and empowered sides as they strike a pose gazing immensely to the camera. The band prominently stand out in the radiating neon-colored background as they donned luxurious outfits.

The setup includes a cinematic use of lighting and props that stirs up the fans' anticipation.

In the second music video teaser, the K-pop septet is all head high as they show off their daring dance moves to the powerful track, leading for their beloved CHESHIREs to ask for more.

The said video teasers depict the band's flawless curves and grooves as they dance the new autumn bop.

Moreover, the thumping beats of 'Helicopter' are the best match of the group's sweet and warm vocals. The K-pop band's sophistication also came into its climax when each member gazes to the camera like a lioness setting out her prey.

Additionally, the intensifying music video teasers concluded with CLC singing the highlight of 'Helicopter' as they wore army-warrior-like outfits.

CLC, alongside their home management and recording label, Cube Entertainment, will make known the full music video for 'Helicopter' today at precisely 6 P.M. KST.