Right after the 'Dynamite' era began, concerned ARMYs have bombarded various social media platforms, highlighting that BTS member Jin was not given the equitable reception as other band members.

Without hesitation, the beloved fans and supporters of the South Korean phenomenal band sent their sentiment about the matter by sending a truck to Big Hit Entertainment, the agency handling the band, as they pleaded a bona fide treatment for the 'Moon' singer.

Recent reports say that the fans were very swift to notice that Jin did not get any solo part compared to other members upon the music video release. Furthermore, the ARMYs also saw that the crooner didn't get a designed studio background; he only has a plaid white and green wall.

Having that said, the K-pop idol only had two minutes and 25 seconds while the other six members were given enough prominent time to showcase their visuals.

The fans of BTS from across the globe were mad and enraged about the matter. One fan took his Twitter account to bring the agency's attention, "I don't understand how people don't see a problem with that," part of the tweet reads.

As per Allkpop, the colossal truck was sent to the agency's premises on the early morning of August 25 (Tuesday). The truck didn't just arrive in one location but also in various crowded places in Seoul, South Korea. The truck has writing that reads: "INTERNATIONAL SEOJKINNIES," alongside with the idol's achievements throughout his career.

Many of the ARMYs, if not all, supported the silent protest of the fandom by sharing photos of the truck in social media that led to hashtags #BigHitBeFairToJin and #BigHitLetJinShine trend.

With the concerned act shown by the ARMYs, many are more worried about the outcome of it. Some say Jin might feel embarrassed over the truck incident that may affect his future ventures and stunts. Big Hit Entertainment and Jin are yet to comment about the experience.