Former Monsta X member, and now a solo artist, Wonho, 27, release the second batch of concept photos before launching his forthcoming album entitled 'Part.1 Love Synonym(#1) Right for Me.' The K-pop dedicated new site, Hellokpop, sees the photos as the perfect mixture of the labels "alluring and adorable."

The South Korean idol's power poses are giving his fans a chance to take a vast peek of his tattoo on his right foot while showing off immense power and confidence in all of his might like the water on the shore flows beneath him at the same time.

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As Wonho holds an intense stare at the camera, he looks more dashing with his stylish and urbane hairstyle, making his fans and viewers focus on him alone. Undyingly, the K-pop idol is an epitome of alluring looks and fashion as the soulful singer grabs the limelight with his genuine gaze and mesmerizing visuals amid posing in front of a scenic oceanic view.

Undoubtedly, Wonho hails the banner of spreading summer vibes with his fascinating and mosh aura, best matching his wet look. His freestyle and full-confidence allow the singer to flaunt his perfect physique, from his broad and muscular shoulders, to is full-packed abs.

Aside from the released steamy concept photos, Wonho will additionally launch two more versions of concept images that will surely capture his fans' attention.

The concept photos shared by Wonho follows his 'Losing You' track release, which is a piece of his upcoming album. The said album bottles up eight records that hail Wonho as the composer, writer, and arranger to some of the songs. On the other hand, 'Losing You' is written by the idol for both the Korean and English versions.

Meanwhile, the fans anticipate the album preview this coming September 1, followed by its release on September 4 on various streaming platforms.