Lee Joon Hyuk appeared for the first time in the second season of "Forest of Secrets!"

The second season follows Hwang Si Mok (played by Cho Seung Woo), an emotionless prosecutor and Han Yeo Jin (played by Bae Doona). A passionate and warm-hearted police officer has been reunited.

The two leads on opposite sides face a tense situation where they both chase after the truth in a hidden case involving the police and the prosecutor's office.

Playing as Seo Dong Jae, Lee Joon Hyuk is a prosecutor who walks a tightrope between pursuing success and possessing a conscience.

The new stills preview Seo Dong Jae at the Supreme Prosecutor's Office. The station has been his dream workplace and not his current work post, the Uijungbu District Prosecutor's Office.

Due to Seo Dong Jae's dissatisfaction performances and the record of being investigated by Hwang Si Mok, who was appointed as a prosecutor at that time, his goals became seemingly unreachable.

However, Seo Dong Jae is an expert in searching for opportunities in any circumstances, so his Supreme Prosecutor's Office's strategy will be the new season's outlook. His diverse expressions shown in the new stills, from having a confident and proud smile to fierce features when he speaks zealously to someone, is something to look forward to.

Viewers were anticipating the reunion of Seo Dong Jae and Hwang Si Mok. Seo Dong Jae was holding on to the last words of Lee Chang Joon that he still has a chance and pleaded Hwang Si Mok to please believe him just once. Seo Dong Jae places himself in the spot that once belonged to Hwang Si Mok.

The production team shared that in today's episode at the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, Seo Dong Jae and Hwang Si Mok will reunite. Seo Dong Jae captures the viewers' hearts in the first season as the lawbreaker; they could not hate him, for he just relied on his instincts for survival to hold on to the competition.

The second season's next episode of "Forest of Secrets" aired on August 16 at 9 p.m. KST.