"Forest of Secrets" of tvN gives a glimpse at what is to come in the upcoming second season!

In the first season of "Forest of Secrets" in 2017, Hwang Si Mok (played by Cho Seung Woo), an emotionless prosecutor, investigated the murder of an acquaintance. He teamed up with a warm-hearted and passionate police officer Han Yeo Jin (played by Bae Doona), to catch a serial killer and expose anomalies in the prosecutor's office.

In season two, Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin reunite under different circumstances and find themselves on opposing sides, and under this tense situation, they both chase after the truth in a hidden case.

New stills of Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin has been released by tvN on August 12, for the first time, they have seen each other again since their last meeting at pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment).

Hwang Si Mok had finished his two-year term in Tongyeong and got a call from the Supreme Prosecutor's Office before being appointed to his new job, not knowing that Han Yeon Jin called him after hearing that he is in Seoul. Meanwhile, Han Yeo Jin is now at the central police headquarters doing administrative work and joined a team having the right to investigate independently from the prosecution.

In the scene, for the first time after two years, the two might be happy seeing each other again, but Hwang Si Mok bears an emotionless expression while Han Yeo Jin was brightly smiling as she used to.

Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin's reunion seems to be reunited because of the issue surrounding the prosecution and police officer's rights.

Moreover, the two meet up at a restaurant. Some of the fans have noticed in the first season that Hwang Si Mok always receives phone calls during his meals, they are hoping that he will finally be able to eat in peace.

According to the drama's production that Han Yeo Jin, after hearing that Hwang Si Mok is in Seoul, she planned to meet him. The two characters still showed off great chemistry that hasn't changed over time. The team also added that Cho Seung Woo chose the scene they portrayed because it was the most memorable of the first two episodes.

The "Forest of Secrets" premieres on August 15 at 9 p.m. KST its second season.