According to The Independent, the South Korean 27-year-old actress Park Gyu Young acted upon as a lead character in the series 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay.' Her applauded performance best matches her current mental state and perspective in life as she left the viewers speechless.

As per Hellokpop, the actress graces the 1st Look fashion magazine whose preview photos were released on August 13, showing off its versatility. Also, the report finds Park Gyu Young's charismatic innocence and fascination as something truly amazing.

During the photoshoot, the actress flaunted her beauty and elegance by donning a black leather dress that showcases her artistry. Park Gyu Young then changed the outfit into an angelic-themed look that features her mesmerizing charm.

The actress's black and white photo gave prominence to her fierce aura by having her wear fancy pants and bikini top that wrapped up the photo's full look. The viewers also find the actress as raising the treasured moments of being a woman.

With the actress as the fashion magazine's artist cover, 1st Look held an exclusive interview with the Park Gyu Young about her future goals. "I want to cherish small roles and difficult works and build them up one by one," she said. The actress opened up on how she wanted to be remembered as an actress who passioned about her roles.

While talking about her plans, the actress said that patience keeps her bind to achieving her dreams. She added that she tries not to get impatient easily to make the job done quickly. The actress also remarked that she longs to be at his best state when it comes to acting and wants to keep it that way for a long time.

Park Gyu Young's fashion images will be made available by 1st Look magazine on August 17 via SNS channels.