38-year-old South Korean actress sits with beauty magazine W Korea for an exclusive interview about fashion!

The ‘My Brilliant Life’ star graced the magazine’s latest issue to flaunt her latest jewelry collection called ‘Bee My Love’ by Chaumet. Son He Kyo is the brand’s newest ambassadress where the actress recounts the luxurious pieces as a symbol of loyalty, diligence, and courage.

In a Soompi report, Song Hye Kyo is a woman that sticks to her convictions that whenever she ventures out into something, she always glazes to do it passionately until the task fulfills. The South Korean actress claims the work provided for her is a stepping stone to keep herself at the best of everything.

“I think that loyalty and diligence are also very important elements of work and personal relationships,” the actress added.

W Korea asked Song Hye Kyo about her pick of jewelry and if she thinks that a waring a jewel can enchant a person’s looks. The actress bluntly answered that she has always been a fan of jewelry because it does change a person’s physical outlook. She believes that jewels can set up and change the mood of the person wearing it.

Also, Song Hye Kyo illustrated that wearing multiple accessories like rings and bracelets depicts a glam rock and cheerful look. While wearing a long jewelry necklace can boost your confidence.

The actress revealed that her jewelry style is the simple wearing of earrings, a ring, and a bracelet, which she admitted that it makes her look more polished.

Besides fashion, Song Hye Kyo shares her sentiments about overcoming the pandemic anxiety caused by the COVID-19. She expresses her learnings since the quarantine season started by making the most of the people she treasures who stood by her in her darkest moments in life. The actress urged everyone to share love and kindness because it is what we all need during this crisis [SCMP].

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#W_Exclusive 쇼메와 브랜드의 아시아 엠버서더인 송혜교가 ‘2020 비 마이 러브(Bee My Love)’ 캠페인으로 다시 만났습니다. ‘비 마이 러브’ 컬렉션은 메종을 대표하는 컬렉션으로, 송혜교는 이번 프로젝트를 통해 그녀만의 우아함과 여름의 경쾌함을 보여줬죠. 더블유를 통해 특별히 릴리즈 되는 사진 2컷과 공식 캠페인 영상을 지금 공개합니다. 또한 더블유 웹사이트(wkorea.com)에서 ‘송혜교’를 검색해 그녀가 생각하는 쇼메와 주얼리의 아름다움에 대한 이야기까지 만나보세요. @wkorea #editor_진정아 - Chaumet Unveils 2020 ‘Bee My Love’ Campaign with Song HyeKyo.

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