The BLACKPINK member and Thai national Lisa’s hair trademarks are her renowned bangs. The 23-year-old rapper is known for her distinguishable feature, and whether she colors it dark or light, or cut it short or long, the rapper has been nailing her bangs since her debut with BLACKPINK.

In heels time for the band’s Coachella stunt in 2019, Lisa went viral online for being called the “girl with the bangs” from people who aren’t familiar with k-pop. The viral had the people admire and love her charismatic looks and energetic stage presence.

According to Kpopstarz, the rapper’s role as a dance mentor on the iQiyi Chinese survival show called ‘Youth With You,’ Lisa’s name became more popular in China. The Chinese youths fell for love with the rapper-dancer for her mesmerizing personality. Lisa being disciplined and dedicated during the mentorship is what made her earn her spot in China. She became a fashion icon in China with her outfits and looked at the show that skyrocketed sales of the same clothes in China.

But one thing that made Lisa very popular in China is her bangs! An instance made one trainee in the show ask mentor Lisa how she maintains and keeps her bangs at pace while grooving. Lisa immediately answered that she keeps it still by making her hairstylist spray her bangs downward.

With the demand for Lisa’s bangs in China, Chinese Hairstylist Tony uploaded a tutorial video of him doing and fixing a girl’s bangs similar to Lisa. As he streamed himself with Lisa’s bangs curation, the hairstylist gained thousands of viewers, making his video viral on various social media platforms.

The case is not the first time Lisa’s bang became noticed in Teen Vogue’s article earlier this year; the magazine listed the 12 instances where Lisa nailed and proved that she owns the best bangs in the entertainment industry. Check out the excellent read here.