The South Korean boy group marks the first enduring step of their new journey towards the release of the band's second extended play entitled CRAVITY Season 2. [Hideout: The New Day We Step Into].

All nine handsome lads of CRAVITY nailed their solo teaser images released on August 12 (Wednesday). Allen, Serim, Woobin, Jungmo, Minhee, Wonjin, Taeyoung, Hyeongjun, and Seongmin featured their magnetic personalities as each of them poses their attitude in front of the camera.

The announcement of CRAVITY's nearing comeback was previously made known by Starship Entertainment. A coming soon poster that writes the rookie group is set for an album release this coming August 24. The massive confirmation of the agency was then followed by a set out of the band's official schedule.

On August 8, CRAVITY dropped a prologue film for their CRAVITY Season 2. [Hideout: The New Day We Step Into] mini-album. The said short film kicked off with Woobin's statement: "Everything was hazy, but the memories remain ever so vivid. And the bliss I felt within it. As the dream unravels before my eyes, I strive to find you." The clip went on with the band members showing off their close relationship with each other.

In a Hellokpop report, the prologue film is a follow up for the group's debut album in April entitled CRAVITY Season 1. [Hideout: Remember Who We Are].

On August 10 (Monday), CRAVITY gave prominence to their upcoming album's setlist that features seven records with 'Flame' as its lead single. Other songs are 'Believe,' 'Realize,' 'Oh Ahh,' 'Sunrise,' 'Hot Air Balloon,' and 'Breathing.'

The lyricists of most of the rap parts in 'Realize' and 'Believer' hails from members Allen and Serim, making it their first time to do so.

A previous report finds that CRAVITY will put on a big show for the release of their second mini-album entitled CRAVITY Season 2. [Hideout: The New Day We Step Into] on August 24.