BTS Jimin continues to illuminate his unparalleled presence as he sets remarkable records representing Korean artists on global music platforms. His solo album "FACE"'s title track "Like Crazy" has clinched the number one spot on the Deezer Worldwide TOP 100 Chart as of March 14th.

Having made history by becoming the first Korean artist to reach the top position on the Worldwide Chart on February 17th, Jimin has since maintained the number one spot for 23 days, persistently extending his unique record as the first and only artist to do so.

On March 9th, Jimin demonstrated his strong solo music power by not only securing the top position for "Like Crazy" for 18 days on the Deezer Worldwide Chart but also entering the chart with a total of six songs including "Set Me Free Pt.2", "Face Off", "Alone" from the same album, the soundtrack "Interlude: Dive", and the fan song "Closer Than This" released after his military enlistment.

Following this, on March 10th, "Like Crazy" continued its 19-day streak at number one while "Set Me Free Pt.2" ascended to the second spot, breaking its own record. This achievement marked another historic moment as Jimin became the first Korean artist to simultaneously place two songs in the top five of the Deezer Worldwide Chart.

Notably, "Like Crazy" also dominated the number one position on Germany's Deezer Top 100 Chart, where Deezer ranks as the third most-used platform globally, becoming the first and only song by a Korean artist to achieve this feat. It also claimed the top spot in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Hungary, and other countries, showcasing its formidable strength in music charts worldwide.

As of the latest update on the Worldwide Top 100 Chart on March 14th, "Like Crazy" has impressively maintained its number one position for 23 days. Additionally, "Set Me Free Pt.2" ranked third, "Closer Than This" twenty-seventh, "Face Off" forty-second, "Alone" fifty-first, and "Interlude: Dive" fifty-fourth, with three of Jimin's songs securely positioned within the top 100.

Furthermore, the country-specific rankings for "Like Crazy" on the March 14th chart reveal its widespread popularity, securing the top spot in 33 countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Argentina, Colombia, and Switzerland. It also achieved second place in Italy, Germany, Turkey, fourteenth in the United States, eighteenth in South Africa, twenty-fifth in Spain, and thirtieth in Austria, highlighting its prominent standing in the upper echelons of global music charts.

Jimin, who continues to write unparalleled history on the Deezer Top 100 Chart-a chart determined by global music trends and preferences based on specific country streaming data on the Deezer platform-had previously achieved groundbreaking feats as the first Korean solo artist on the Billboard 'Hot 100' and Spotify's Global Daily Chart, further illuminating his unmatched presence in the music industry.