BTS's V has broken significant records on Spotify and iTunes with his new song "FRI(END)S," highlighting his global appeal. On its debut day, March 15, "FRI(END)S" garnered 4,728,233 streams on Spotify, debuting at 7th on the 'Daily Top Songs Global' chart, setting a 2024 record for the highest by any male solo artist worldwide and for K-pop solo artists.

Furthermore, following the release of "FRI(END)S," V ascended to 4th place on the 'Global Digital Artist Ranking' chart. The song also achieved the 1st spot in 90 countries on iTunes by 6 a.m. on March 17 and has maintained its position at the top of the Worldwide and European iTunes Song charts for three consecutive days.

Forbes spotlighted "FRI(END)S" reaching number 1 on the US iTunes Songs chart, suggesting the song's iTunes performance bodes well for its potential on streaming platforms and an impressive Billboard chart debut.

The music video for "FRI(END)S" has also received widespread acclaim, debuting at number 1 on the 'Global Top Music Videos' chart on YouTube, topping the iTunes Music Video chart in the UK, ranking 2nd on Tidal's UK Top Video chart, and securing the top spot on Apple Music's Top Music Videos in Japan.

Prominent music critics have lauded the track. NME praised V's vocal range and capabilities, stating, "'FRI(END)S' splendidly showcases V's vocal talents and his expansive range, beginning with a rich and luxurious baritone before transitioning through stylish high notes and falsettos. The climax adds confident and strong backing vocals, gracefully navigating through a wide range with ease."

Fans celebrated the single's release through various events. Fan clubs like 'Noona V,' 'Sorte,' and 'Baidu V Bar' organized large-scale LED advertisements in Seoul's Gangnam, Hongdae, and COEX areas, respectively. 'V Inside' promoted the song with LED trucks, 'Kim Taehyung Supporters' displayed congratulatory banners in Chuncheon, and 'Taehyung V Chile' placed a massive celebration ad near Los Leones subway station in Chile.