BTS's Jimin has captivated the world with his heartfelt Korean song, shining brightly on the US Billboard and music charts. Released last March, Jimin's mega-hit "Like Crazy" has impressively climbed to the 144th spot on the US Billboard's "Global 200" chart as of March 16, marking its 3rd consecutive week of resurgence.

Furthermore, "Like Crazy" has secured the 112th position on the "Global (Excluding the US)" chart, maintaining a staggering 50-week streak since its debut at the 2nd spot. This accomplishment breaks the record for the longest duration on the charts by a Korean solo artist, showcasing Jimin's enduring influence a year after the song's release.

"Like Crazy," which was the first Korean solo song to top the Billboard's "Hot 100" chart, is part of the album "FACE" that currently holds the 10th position on this week's "World Albums" chart. With this, Jimin extends his record for the longest duration by a Korean solo album from 43 to 44 weeks, continuously rewriting K-pop history.

In addition to his Billboard achievements, "Like Crazy" remains a favorite on the global music platform Spotify, marking the longest charting period for a Korean solo artist at 357 days on the Global Daily Top Songs chart. In the US Daily Top Songs chart, the song has impressively maintained its position for 147 days, ranking 122nd with 399,117 streams, making it the only K-pop solo song to secure a spot in the rankings.

As of March 15, "Like Crazy" has climbed 9 spots to rank 124th on the US Spotify Weekly Top Songs chart with 2,803,036 streams, setting a new record for the longest-charting K-pop solo song on the US Spotify Weekly chart.

Furthermore, "Like Crazy" has surpassed 70 million streams on Pandora, one of the top three music streaming platforms in the US, making Jimin the first artist since Psy to achieve such a feat. As of March 13, "Like Crazy" has crossed 72 million streams, continuously attracting listeners and leading the monthly listener count among BTS members with 267,727 listeners.

Globally, on the Deezer Worldwide Chart, Jimin has set an unprecedented record by holding the 1st position for 25 days, the longest by any Korean artist. On March 16, he achieved his personal best by ranking 9th on the US Deezer 'Top 100' chart and 5th on the 'Trending' chart, affirming his 'Jimmerica' fame and receiving unwavering love and support from American music fans, further elevating the pride of K-pop.