BTS Jin's first self-composed song, 'Tonight,' has achieved number one in 33 countries on the iTunes global chart. Recently, 'Tonight' reached number one in Micronesia and Azerbaijan and continued this streak by climbing to number one on the Papua New Guinea 'iTunes Top Songs' chart on January 20.

This emotional song marks Jin's debut as a songwriter and was initially released as special content during the '2019 BTS Festa,' commemorating BTS's 6th anniversary. After being pre-released on BTS's official SNS and SoundCloud, 'Tonight' was officially launched on all streaming platforms in October last year and has since surpassed 36 million plays on Spotify, the world's largest platform.

An acoustic R&B track, 'Tonight' conveys the love and longing for a departed pet, featuring Jin's clear and serene vocals and heartfelt lyrics, continuing to receive immense love even five years after its release. North American media have recently praised 'Tonight' as a "heart-touching emotional ballad" and a "lyrical homage to the departed, a beautiful and moving dedication song."

Jin's fans annually commemorate 'Tonight' by participating in various acts of kindness and support, reflecting Jin's love for animals. On its third anniversary, they donated to 'Save the Children' for local and international COVID-19 crisis child support, made donations to zoos in Jin's real name 'Kim Seokjin,' and on its second anniversary, provided food and pet dishes to animal shelters, contributed to the Korea Animal Rescue and Management Association, donated to the Animal Freedom Union, and supported NGOs with rice donations for those in need.

With Jin's anticipated return from military service in June, global fans are eagerly awaiting his comeback and subsequent solo activities.