BTS Jin's self-composed solo track "Super Tuna" has achieved number one on iTunes in 54 countries, showcasing his global influence. As of January 14th, the song reached the top spot in Micronesia, Latvia, and most recently, Azerbaijan. "Super Tuna" was released as a surprise gift for fans on Jin's birthday on December 4th, 2021, without any major promotions.

The song made history in the "Global YouTube Popular Music Video" category by being the first and longest-running K-pop solo track to maintain the number one spot for 17 consecutive days.

"Super Tuna" captivates with Jin's refreshing and innocent expressions, along with its adorable choreography. Its catchy melody and lively vibe, combined with easy-to-follow dance moves, sparked a global challenge craze, bringing immense joy to fans worldwide. Following its release, "Super Tuna" ignited a viral sensation, with challenges being taken up universally across various platforms, from popular children's channels like Pengsoo, Pororo, and Teletubbies, to institutions like the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korean Embassy in China, and numerous local governments and companies.

Even two years later, "Super Tuna" continues to ride a wave of popularity. In December, a Brazilian news program anchor celebrated Jin's birthday by dancing to "Super Tuna," underlining its enduring appeal. Initially available only on SoundCloud and YouTube, "Super Tuna," along with Jin's other solo tracks "Abyss" and "Tonight," was officially released on all streaming platforms in October last year. As of January 19th, it has surpassed 78 million streams on Spotify.

The "Super Tuna" special performance video, released on BTS's YouTube channel 'BANGTANTV,' quickly crossed 10 million views in just a day and continues to soar in popularity, recording 92 million views as of 7 am on January 20th.