BTS member Jin has proven his global popularity by surpassing 1.4 billion streams on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, with just nine songs on his solo profile. His solo song "The Astronaut" alone has over 320 million streams, contributing to the total of 1.4 billion streams as of January 18, with a record count of 1.425 billion plays.

Since 2014, Jin has been actively involved in composing and writing lyrics, crediting nine songs on the Spotify platform. These include three individual tracks from BTS albums and five solo songs, along with a drama OST he sang with V. As of January 18, Jin's solo songs on Spotify include "Epiphany" from 'Love Yourself 結 Answer' leading with over 258 million streams, "Moon" from 'Map of the Soul: 7' nearing 200 million streams, and "Awake" from 'Wings' with over 130 million streams. "The Astronaut" has surpassed 328 million streams, "Yours" from the drama 'Jirisan' over 163 million streams, and last year's officially registered songs "Super Tuna," "Abyss," "Tonight," and the drama OST "It's Definitely You" with V, totaling over 1.425 billion streams.

Jin's songs, excluding the OST, are all lyrically contributed by him, reflecting his 'Love myself' message and delicate emotions towards fans. Most of his solo songs, except the unofficial SoundCloud releases officially registered last year, have over 100 million streams on Spotify. "Epiphany" has crossed 200 million, and "The Astronaut" has over 300 million plays.

Jin, who is currently serving in the military as an army sergeant and drill instructor, is set to be discharged in June this year. Known as the 'World's Most Handsome Man' and 'Vocal King,' global anticipation is high for Jin's diverse talents and charm to be showcased in his post-discharge activities. The UK's MTV official account recently posted a video on Instagram hinting at Jin's debut solo album release in 2024, along with a clip of his White House speech and MTV interview, expressing excitement and affection for Jin's era.

Jin was also selected as the only Asian male artist on BBC Radio 1's 'Artists to Watch in 2024' list, reflecting the UK's great expectations for his return. American Billboard and Rolling Stone are also highlighting Jin's comeback and eagerly anticipating his resumption of musical activities.