BTS Jin's solo single 'The Astronaut' continues its reign at number one on a popular Argentine radio channel, Vega Radio, showcasing his global popularity. 'The Astronaut' has maintained the top spot on Vega Radio's 'K-POP TOP 40 Ranking' for 64 weeks, securing over 100,000 votes and demonstrating overwhelming popularity.

As of January 16th, Korean time, 'The Astronaut' had garnered 126,192 votes, and the count is still rapidly increasing, further highlighting Jin's popularity in Argentina. Jin also secured the number one position in Vega Radio's '2023 TOP 40 K-POP'.

Vega Radio celebrated Jin's achievement through a YouTube video in October, stating on their official Twitter account, "This is a video commemorating Jin's 'The Astronaut' achieving 50 consecutive weeks at number one on KPOP TOP40. Dedicated to all ARMY." The video garnered significant attention.

In August, Vega Radio extensively analyzed why 'The Astronaut' consistently ranked number one in the 'KPOP TOP40 Ranking,' praising it as a popular song appealing to a wide range of music fans across ages.

'The Astronaut's official music video, released on Jin's birthday on December 4th, surpassed 100 million views and had over 103 million views as of January 17th. Additionally, the video of Jin's performance with Coldplay in Argentina has surpassed 26.68 million views, continuing his global popularity.

Even a year after its release, 'The Astronaut' continues to resonate worldwide, proving Jin's strong global influence and popularity.