BTS has achieved another milestone with their music video 'Black Swan' surpassing 500 million views.

Released in 2020 as part of their fourth studio album 'MAP OF THE SOUL : 7,' the music video for 'Black Swan' crossed the 500 million view mark on YouTube at 7:59 AM on the 15th. This achievement makes 'Black Swan' the 17th BTS music video to reach this milestone.

'Black Swan' is a track with a dreamy atmosphere, blending trap drum beats, mournful lo-fi guitar melodies, and catchy hooks. It contains autobiographical lyrics from BTS, reflecting on the meaning of music to them. Pre-released in January 2020 before the album launch, it entered major international charts, including 57th on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and 46th on the UK Official Singles Top 100, and topped the iTunes 'Top Songs' charts in 93 countries/regions.

The 'Black Swan' music video captures the transformation of the members from swans to black swans on stage. The barefoot performance by all seven members enhances the video's lyrical and artistic sensibility.

BTS currently holds a total of 39 music videos with over 100 million views, including 'Black Swan'.