Blackpink's Lisa has been named the most influential person in Thailand, according to a recent survey by Suan Dusit University. The survey, which polled 7,398 people, found that 28.14% of respondents named Lisa as the most influential figure in the country. This is a significant achievement, as the survey also included several prominent Thai politicians.

Lisa is a native of Thailand, and her global success with Blackpink has only increased her popularity in her home country. She is seen as a national hero, and her every move is followed closely by the media and on social media.

For example, when Lisa said that she missed the street food meatballs from her hometown of Buriram, sales at local vendors skyrocketed. And when she posted a photo of herself at the Ayutthaya tourist destination on social media, visitor numbers to the site surged.

Lisa's influence has been well-documented. In February 2023, her official social media account surpassed 100 million followers, making her the first K-pop artist and Asian woman to reach that milestone. She was also named the most followed K-pop artist on social media by Guinness World Records in March 2023.

In addition to her massive social media following, Lisa has also broken several other Guinness World Records, including becoming the first K-pop solo artist to reach 10 billion streams on Spotify, the most-watched music video by a solo artist in 24 hours, and the first K-pop solo artist to win at the MTV Video Music Awards.

As Lisa's individual activities continue to gain attention, fans are eager to see what she will do next. Her bandmates Jennie and Jisoo have already announced their own solo projects, with Jennie launching her own independent label and Jisoo joining her brother's health and wellness company.

It will be interesting to see where Lisa's career takes her next. With her undeniable talent and global appeal, she is sure to continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

These titles are attractive because they are concise and attention-grabbing. They also accurately reflect the main points of the article, namely that Lisa is a highly influential figure in Thailand, both as a pop star and as a national icon.